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status report wk34

Filed under: Kesäkoodi — Antti Kaijanmäki @ 08:22

I now have packages in my PPA ready for testing and I’m working with asac to get them included to Ubuntu repositories. If all goes well, we just might see the fruits of my work in the next release of Ubuntu. Exciting isn’t it? :-P

This was for me the last week of Kesäkoodi. There’s still a closing report on it’s way and Openmind conference is coming so I’m not going anywhere. I will push updates through this blog on the Ubuntu inclusion and other important stuff.


status report wk33

Filed under: Kesäkoodi — Antti Kaijanmäki @ 16:13

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but I’m pretty pleased anyway. Most of my time went to polishing and testing  on Intrepid (new library versions, new trouble) and everything should be working now.

I also made official releases of mobile-broadband-provider-info and libmbca, but I haven’t announced those yet. Packages for intrepid and hardy are available.

Next Week

I haven’t had a lot of time to spent with NM lately. I’ve done the packaging that was scheduled for next week so there’s time to really push NM integration.

I will also start poking the ubuntu people. Hopefully they will poke me back :-P


status report wk31 & wk32

Filed under: Kesäkoodi — Antti Kaijanmäki @ 19:14

I missed one week. I’m sorry for that :(

So what have I been up to..

NetworkManager Integration

Need to say more?

Well maybe a little. My changes are currently only available from mbca branches of NetworkManager and network-manager-applet. I’m currently discussing with Dan Williams about merging my changes to trunks.

My NM branch doesn’t have anything vital for the assistant, but I’ve added some functionality in order to have Nokia mobile phones recognised by NM. That functionality really needs to be added to HAL some later time.

Some Bad News

I have to drop support for Bluetooth and arbitrary serial devices.  Sorry, no can do. :-(

My assistant has the support, but NetworkManager does not. This is propably going to change some day, but for now we just have to seddle for devices discovered by HAL: USB, PCMCIA, ExpressCard and built-in devices.

Your Country Needs YOU!

I got the database repository finally up and running and there’s even one contributor already. Needles to say that’s not enough. Take a look at the instructions and participate! Make the wold a better place :P

String Freeze

libmbca strings are now frozen. Head your browser to Betawiki and participate.

The Bughunt

I hunted down  GTK bug #546378 and while I was at it I also spotted #545982. Let’s hope 2.12 will also get the translation bug fixed :roll:

here’s a nice picture to proof:

Next Week

I’ll provide fresh packages for Ubuntu Intrepid and Hardy through my PPA.