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2008-11-24: Antti Kaijanmäki @ 14:24

I don’t know how come it is so hard to make time to write something in this blog. Many times have I been thinking how I’m going to write about some events, but it has not happened. Maybe one reason is that I don’t want to write anything hasty. I really enjoy writing when I have the time to write and produce text of some quality at least. Well, maybe I work the same with almost all the things I do. I don’t like to crash through anything :-)

I’ve been very busy with my ordinary (yeah, right..) life so I’m happy I’ve managed to work and sort out the most important stuff. Unfortunately blogging is not very high on the priority list. I have some ideas how I could improve my blogging rate in the future, but let’s see what comes out of it. Anyway there has been quite a lot of events and stuff that I’m going to cover in this post.

Kesäkoodi Closing Report

Kesäkoodi went by and ended and overall it was a very nice experience. What more could you ask than being able to help your neighbors and work with Free Software. Here’s the Thanks to section from my closing report:

my wife, Dan Williams, Alexander Sack, Ruben Romero, Simon Péter, Ross Barkman, Kai Keinänen, Manu Setälä, Bastien Nocera, Niklas Laxström, Siebrand Mazeland, Teemu Merikumpu, Juha Hytönen, Paul Tötterman, Jari Huilla …

… and all the other people who showed interest towards my work and provided insight during the summer.

Openmind 2008

It was nice to meet people who share the passion for Open Source. We Summercoders also held our own little presentations (which were mandatory, btw). Unfortunately we were only given 5 minutes each to give our speeches. Needless to say it’s not even close to enough when you are talking about a project that has lasted over three months. And to make it even worse the speeches were given after the main event during the cocktails and snack serving in a relatively small room so you had to compete with free liquor and noisy crowd. Not good :evil:

I might sound a little harsh, but I hope nobody takes that personally; I just want to point out where the organizers can improve next year.

(photos by Matti Saastamoinen and Sanna Heiskanen.)

Ubuntu 8.10: Intrepid Ibex

My Summercode got into Ubuntu! \o/

mbca running out-of-the-box on intrepid

mbca running out-of-the-box on intrepid

This was my dream and secret goal that I set up before the Summer. Hopefully other distributions will include libmbca and mobile-broadband-provider-info packages, too. Libmbca integration is not yet in the mainline NetworkManager (applet), but it will be included right after NetworkManager 0.7 is released.

I received some devices from Elisa and here’s some testing results:

Nokia N81

No problems with Nokias. They work beautifully! Thanks to some patching.

Huawei E169 USB-dongle

The device works nicely, but there’s a bug in ppp that causes bogus DNS server settings. At least for my devices the fix that is in -proposed repository works. Hopefully we will get it soon to regular update repository.

Vodafone Option GEO-201 ExpressCard

Is affected by the same bug as above, but after the fix and except some design defects the card works out nicely.

iCON 225

Unfortunately this model and some others too need some magic in order to get them running. Hopefully someone takes the task to ensure that the next version of Ubuntu will have this problem solved in an user-friendly way.


no big changes. There was a minor bug that is now solved in upstream. For more info see libmbca bugs.


Mobile-broadband-provider-info database has had steady updates around the world. We got stable release update exception in Ubuntu which means that we can release stable updates more often. We have initially planned two have a minimum of two weeks delay between updates. If you feel like you want to contribute see the instructions. You don’t have to file a bug report to m-b-p-i bugs. You may send the patch to me directly.

In the Press and Blogosphere

New Ubuntu with it’s improved mobile broadband support has received nice reviews and has been covered by many news sites and blogs. Here’s a couple that I’ve come across. If you know more I would appreciate if you would add some links to the comment section :grin:

Linux Format

It-viikko [Only in Finnish]

Stephan Hermann’s Blog

Miia Ranta’s blog

New Categories

I’ve created some new categories for this blog. I naturally added libmbca and m-b-p-i. I have a strong feeling that you will be doing something with NetworkManager in the future so there’s also a new category for that. I created FLOSS parent category to nicely group all those related categories, but also for categories that are yet to come. I can assure you there will be something completely different coming.. :wink:

The idea behind the FLOSS tag is that if someone wants to follow my blog through RSS he can easily either choose individual project tags or just take the whole FLOSS category that includes all the projects, too.

Planet Kesäkoodi ’08 Shuts Down

I’m taking down the planet. It will stop receiving updates next week and the site will probably vanish after a couple of months or so. The main idea behind the planet was to get a combined RSS feed of all the Summercoders during the Summer and now it’s time to close down. There’s a list of all the feeds on the mainpage, so anyone still interested about those particular feeds can add them individually to RSS reader.


There has been quite a lot of SPAM in my blog so if you comment on something and it doesn’t show up in comment section, just be patient.

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