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Say ‘Hello’ to Our New Babies

2011-03-22: Antti Kaijanmäki @ 20:48

We have thought about getting a lizard for a long time. When we came across these little fellas I instantly knew they were just the ones we were looking for. Unlike the most of the lizards we have seen in pet shops these butterfly agamas, leiolepis belliana, don’t just sleep and lay still for the most of the day. They are very active in day time and just a great joy to observe.

We didn’t want to separate these two as they were getting along so fine so got them both. They are really fond of each other; they move together and lay on top of each other and share a nest. Hopefully they will stick together later on, too.

We decided to transform our old corner aquarium to a terrarium. We have to build a bigger one when the babies grow, but for now they have all they need. Of course setting up a terrarium is not cheap, but that’s money well spent. just look at them! :)

btw, my first youtube video :D

Here’s some more pictures:

3 Responses to “Say ‘Hello’ to Our New Babies”

  1. This is the reply for a comment rukester79 made on youtube:

    AFAIK it’s OK if your butterfly agama does not want to eat crickets as long as it’s eating something. You might want to try different sizes of crickets, though; the bigger ones do scare the little lizards. :-)

    Check that you have everything the lizard needs:

    We were also instructed to give the lizards some Nutrobal with their mealworms;

    Contact your local pet shop for more details. Good luck and please share some videos of your cutie! :-)

  2. Samone says:

    can you tell me where you got all the stuff in your tank from, or what you can rember. You guys have an amazing tank!

  3. All the stuff is from our local pet store. The sand was River Bank Sand usually used in aquariums. The plants are standard terrarium plants made od silk. And all the rocks, tree materials and water accessories are easily found from any pet store which sell terrariums.

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