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I will write a status report tomorrow (propably), but here’s little something for the brave.

my NetworkManager branch:

svn co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/NetworkManager/branches/mbca NetworkManager

my network-manager-applet branch:

svn co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/network-manager-applet/branches/mbca network-manager-applet

network-manager-applet must be configured using –with-mbca switch to enable Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant.


status report wk30

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My son was sick the whole week and I didn’t get much done. But I managed to create couple of SVN repositories with my new and shiny account.


svn co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/libmbca/trunk libmbca


svn co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/mobile-broadband-provider-info/trunk mobile-broadband-provider-info

Packages for Ubuntu Hardy are found from my PPA.


Call for Contributors

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I finally managed to set up a SVN repository for the service provider database. Now it’s time for contributors to start updating the database. Take a look at the instructions and enjoy! Let’s make those patches fly. :-)

PS. I will be lurking at #mbca@freenode, but my son is sick, again :-( , so I might not be imediately available to answer your questions.


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Sat, 19 Jul 2008 09:23:24 +0000 (GMT) (12:23 EEST):

Dear Antti Kaijanmäki,

Your GNOME SVN account will be ready for use in about 1 hour.

The GNOME Accounts Team

Now, after 8 weeks, I can say: “Whee!” 8-)


status report wk29

Filed under: Kesäkoodi — Antti Kaijanmäki @ 15:47

I transformed the assistant to GObject and I’ve been working with the database instructions and UI strings. Here’s a messy tarball for the brave. I just created it with ‘make distcheck’ so it’s not polished or anything. I start digging into NetworkManager next week.

service provider database

I wrote preliminary instructions how to update the database. The work flow will change a little when the SVN module is in place, but the instructions should be accurate already and I’m ready to accept patches. It would be nice if some people could go through the instructions and try them out before I really start to advertise the page.

UI strings

I need help with the UI strings. Take a look at UiStrings and please participate. You can comment direclty to the wiki page if you have (or register) an account on live.gnome.org, or you can comment on this blog or send me email. I just want to freeze the UI as soon as possible so that the translations can really blast off.


Dear Antti Kaijanmäki,

Your account request has been approved by the maintainers/coordinators.

The request will be forwarded to the GNOME Accounts Team for a final
check. When this has been completed, the account will be set up. You
will receive an email when that happens.

Note: This is an automated mail. Please do not respond to this mail. You
can send your questions to the accounts team e-mail address.

The GNOME Accounts Team


Bug 543545 – GtkAssistant crashes when gtk_widget_hide() is called inside “apply” signal handler

Fixed gtk is available from my PPA.

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