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mobile-broadband-provider-info 20090309 released

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mobile-broadband-provider-info 20090309
* Andres Mujica added Tele2, Lithuania
* Updated Italian information
* Andres Mujica and Andreas Kostyrka added FONIC, Germany
* Andres Mujica added Wataniya, Kuwait
* Andres Mujica and Chris Jones added user/pass to Orange (contact), UK
* Felix Danso-Quayson added Zain, Ghana
* Savvas Radevic provided multiple fixes gathered from ubuntu bug tracker
* Timothy Kyalo added Econet, Kenya
* Andrei Bordei added Eventis, Republic of Moldova
* Edison Mera added Jazztel, Spain
* Stefan Andersen added Fullrate Denmark
* Val Zak added provider Unitel, Angola
* Dominic Evans added Vodafone (TopUp and Go) UK
* Carlos Arenas added authentication credentials for Comcel Colombia
* Pramod Dematagoda added Sri Lankan provider Airtel
* 3 UK: Separate APNs for dedicated mobile broadband devices and handsets.
* Andrés Mauricio Mujica Zalamea added Orange Internet Everywhere 3G in France
* Thomas Lee added Three Prepaid in Australia
* Serge de Souza added Movinet Angola
* Jacob Nielsen added Danish provider Oister.dk
* Mykhailo Korbakov added Ukrainian provider Utel
* Sunatomo Masuda added some Japanese CDMA providers
* Johannes Hessellund added Danish provider BiBoB
* Manuel Gomez added Colombian providers Tigo and Movistar, and removed
redundant user/pass from Comcel
* Rodrigo Linfati added Claro Chile - Prepago
* Andreas Kostyrka added Austrian provider Yesss
* Paul Sisnett added Digicel Barbados
* Steven Lizarazo added Colombian provider Comcel
* Rodrigo Linfati updated Chilean service providers


I’ve been busy

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Looking at my inbox after two weeks of almost completely ignoring it, I must say I’m sorry for not being able to commit or comment on any the patches people have sent me. I’m going to fix this right now!


mobile-broadband-provider-info 20081124 released

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mobile-broadband-provider-info 20081124
* Bjørn Lie added NetworkNorway and a bunch of other operators using the same network
* Matheus Pacheco de Andrade added Brazilian provider Vivo
* Anton Blanchard added Australian provider Exetel
* Joseph Price fixed the APN of 3 UK
* Konstantinos Togias fixed the APN of Vodafone Greece
* Martin Pitt and Alejandro Romero Herrera provided WebSessions
* Aldo Bassanini added Ecuadorian provider Porta 3G
* Gabor Kelemen updated Hungarian providers
* Florian Eberle updated APN of Orange Switzerland


A little bit of this and that and even more

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I don’t know how come it is so hard to make time to write something in this blog. Many times have I been thinking how I’m going to write about some events, but it has not happened. Maybe one reason is that I don’t want to write anything hasty. I really enjoy writing when I have the time to write and produce text of some quality at least. Well, maybe I work the same with almost all the things I do. I don’t like to crash through anything :-)

I’ve been very busy with my ordinary (yeah, right..) life so I’m happy I’ve managed to work and sort out the most important stuff. Unfortunately blogging is not very high on the priority list. I have some ideas how I could improve my blogging rate in the future, but let’s see what comes out of it. Anyway there has been quite a lot of events and stuff that I’m going to cover in this post.