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Leaving Nomovok

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As some of you might already know, I’m leaving the company this Friday. It has been a wonderful ride for me and I owe you all a big thank you.

I sure will miss you all. Good speed and good luck with your the future endeavours!

Even though there has been some really rough times for me and my family, I’ve always received the support of my dear colleagues. I would like to especially thank Pasi Nieminen, Rauli Priha and Anu Elomaa for their humane and kind words along the way.

I would also like to thank the whole team of OpenN, absent or not, who really impacted my life and made the work feel like something out of the ordinary for over two years. You guys rock!


When Everything Seemed Lost

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SteelRat to the rescue!

Here’s the first episode, if you’ve missed it:

You can follow the quest of SteelRat on our YouTube Channel. Stay tuned! :)


Way Forward

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As you know on Friday February 11th Nokia announced a new strategy. This strategy was a complete turnover of previous long term goals and commitments of Nokia and it had a devastating short term effect immediately through out the Nokia subcontractor network in Symbian and MeeGo front.

Nomovok’s strategy and direction however does not change. We continue to commit our selves on MeeGo and that direction seems very strong in long term.

Unfortunately at this moment our situation is pretty hard. To be honest the past few weeks have been filled with uncertainty and confusion. We are actively searching for new ventures and we believe strongly in the potential of MeeGo.

I am certain though real talent always has demand and talent we sure have :)


Hello Planet Nomovok!

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My name is Antti Kaijanmäki and I work as Software Architect at Nomovok Ltd.

I’m a big FLOSS supporter and MeeGo and Qt are the main interest of mine. More information about me is found from my homepage and LinkedIn profile.

I hope to enlighten you in the future with some insight about multi touch and gesture related matters through this planet, so stay tuned for updates.. ;)