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Book: Peopleware

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Title: Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams (Second Edition)
Authors: Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister
ISBN: 9780932633439

What can I say.. Many people recommended this book for me, but unfortunately it’s hard to get in reasonable price. If anyone wants to get a copy, and you should, I recommend you order from Borders.

The book, although the main content has been written over 20 years ago, gives a humane point of view in the area of project management and organizations. It was almost shocking to me to discover that the same problems that DeMarco and Lister pointed out in our way of industry is are still completely valid today; the lack of humane aspect in organizations.

The main message which I received from the book was that it’s crucial for companies to invest in “human capital”; the well-being and comfort of the people who work for them. Human capital is something that does not have any direct measurable value in money, but the value comes from greater productivity and results; happy people get more done in less time.

It was striking that as a team manager I have sometimes questioned my decisions whether or not I should do “as it’s always done” or should I try to find out some other solution which is more pleasant for the subordinates the decision affects. This book clearly clears all the questions from my head; do a decision that show you care for your people and invest on human capital and in the end you always end up with better results.

After reading the book I feel I’ve matured as a manager as I now clearly have a clear approved guidance to concentrate on the most important asset of any organization: the human capital.


MeeGo Architecture – Removing Components From 1.2

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The following component will most probably be removed from MeeGo 1.2 compliance specification and architecture diagrams

Arjan van de Ven explains:

Recently we have been evaluating these features and feel that these  technologies, as integrated into MeeGo, haven’t reached the maturity that we want to commit them into MeeGo 1.2 core.

As a result we are proposing to, for MeeGo 1.2, not include these  components in the official architecture diagram or the compliance spec since either means a compatibility commitment going forward as well as a requirement for everyone who makes products with the MeeGo brand to include these components. As these things mature going forward, we hope that for MeeGo 1.3 we can put a much more mature policy layer as part of the core architecture and compliance set.

He also notes that the components are not removed, but as the result of removing them from the compliance specification not all MeeGo 1.2 products have to include them.

On follow-up Jussi Liukkonen points out:

I would consider this a prudent approach. APIs we cannot comfortably commit to, we should not commit to. And these APIs have not settled yet.

However, the functionalities these components implement are quite important for actual products. I expect we’ll see a number of 1.2 based products, more or less relying on these implementations.

These components are mostly driven by Nokia. This move just might be a test for Nokia to see if they are truly engaged to MeeGo in the future. If Nokia does the necessary work to keep them for 1.3 and truly shows the motivation and engagement then the components will be available in the future, too.

On the other hand if Nokia drops the ball completely and stops maintaining these components I’m not sure if Intel is willing to drag them along alone. By removing these components from compliance specification Intel can drop them in the future if no one is left to maintain and develop them further.


When Everything Seemed Lost

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SteelRat to the rescue!

Here’s the first episode, if you’ve missed it:

You can follow the quest of SteelRat on our YouTube Channel. Stay tuned! :)


Way Forward

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As you know on Friday February 11th Nokia announced a new strategy. This strategy was a complete turnover of previous long term goals and commitments of Nokia and it had a devastating short term effect immediately through out the Nokia subcontractor network in Symbian and MeeGo front.

Nomovok’s strategy and direction however does not change. We continue to commit our selves on MeeGo and that direction seems very strong in long term.

Unfortunately at this moment our situation is pretty hard. To be honest the past few weeks have been filled with uncertainty and confusion. We are actively searching for new ventures and we believe strongly in the potential of MeeGo.

I am certain though real talent always has demand and talent we sure have :)


Qt 4.7.2 is out

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This message just hit the qt-interest mailing list:

Qt 4.7.2 has now been released. This is a maintenance release which contains bug-fixes based on feedback and contributions since the Qt 4.7.1 release back in November. It also marks the official release of Qt Quick.

See the full announcement for more details.

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